The Development Process…

It’s a Maze

Let Allied Development guide your project from start to finish, managing every step along the way to ensure its success in the most efficient, cost effective way.

We’re here to handle this complex process for you.

Since our beginnings in 2002, we have been a part of transforming raw land into over 25 thriving projects, bringing over 1,500 units/lots to communities across the US. While the general concept of development is fairly straightforward, it is the commitment to ensuring each unique property is developed to its best and highest potential that sets Allied apart.

One Company – Many Hats

Not every investor is a developer, not every developer is a vertical builder. However, with extensive experience in all of these fields, Allied breaks this mold by becoming an ambassador for the project, overseeing each step to ensure maximum return in terms of both design and profitability. For a development project to truly maximize return, each action must be precisely managed and each decision be carefully weighed. As part of Allied’s management process, every decision is examined and every step is overseen to find the best balance between project design, efficiency, buildability, livability and financial return.

Serving you with our expertise

At Allied, we understand the importance of focusing on what you’re great at. Allied will take your project through to completion so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Due Diligence

Development can be fraught with surprises. Through years of experience, Allied has established an extensive due diligence process that it completes for each project. During this time, we examine every aspect of the project to determine feasibility, viability and profitability, thus ensuring the greatest chance of success.


Allied works closely with its design consultants. For each project, we work with our engineers and architects as we meticulously go over every layout proposal, making as many revisions as necessary until we have the plan that is the most cost effective to develop, the most efficient for vertical construction and the highest livability factor for the future resident.

Approval Process

The value of any property is obtained through successfully navigating the project through the approval process. Allied is present along every step, from raw land through project completion. Along the way, we work with jurisdictions, relationships with which we have built over the years, as well as top consultants to ensure that project is completed in a timely manner.


The construction phase is a final crucial step. Allied manages this phase from permit issuance to vertical contsruction-ready. We oversee the bidding process, select the general contractor, review all invoices and manage every step.


Cody Bjugan