What We Do

Allied Development is a land development company creating diverse and successful communities. Allied’s partners and staff possess unique skill sets as Allied Development - a land development companya result of our “hands-on” housing development, home building and project management experience. We have grown to become a development company known for creating lasting communities and strong relationships; respected by landowners, clients, builders and community stakeholders. Our honest and comprehensive approach gives each project the greatest assurance of success.

Why We’re Different

At Allied we work alongside a proven team of experts in order to ensure that each phase of the development process for any given project is being managed by strategic allied partners that have a vested interest in completing the project on budget and on time. Additionally, we employ a research-based land valuation process that enables landowners to receive competitive compensation in the local market. Our land acquisition team works hard to educate landowners and prides itself on always maintaining open lines of communication with our business partners.


Allied Testimonials

AKS "Allied is one of the most organized land developers I've worked with. They thoroughly examine every aspect involved with the property’s analysis. Allied is dialed in to each project and excellent to deal with" - AKS Engineering Gene Grant "Cody purchased property from one of my clients. The responsiveness of his team set them apart from a group of prospective developers. Throughout the process, Cody was honest and fair. In the future Cody will be high, if not first, on my list of developers to recommend to clients." - Gene Grant – Real Estate Attorney – Former Mayor of Happy Valley, OR Chuck Combs "Allied succeeded in developing my property where other developers failed. Their negotiating approach was low key and up front, which was a welcome relief from other prospective buyers. Throughout the negotiation process, other developers were represented by people who couldn't make a commitment for their company. However, with Allied we always dealt with the people in a position to buy the property. In deciding on Allied, I knew they were a solid company who could make a commitment they could live up to and they did" - Chuch Combs – Property Owner Dave Dornbach "I worked with Allied on a property sale in Oregon. Allied navigated us through the 8-month process, keeping us informed and prepared for what was ahead. From the beginning Allied was up front about the sale and when everything was finished they hit our closing date on the nose" - Dave Dornbach • Property Owner Grant Lee "I chose Allied from 15 prospective buyers. Their easygoing attitude and demeanor impressed me. Their ability to communicate throughout the process made them a wonderful company to deal with" - Grant Lee • Property Owner Grant Lee "Above all, I appreciate Cody’s character and integrity. I can’t express sincerely enough what a great experience it has been going through this with Cody. My business was not just a professional experience but really a large part of me and knowing that the land is in Allied’s hands has made for an easier transition. I greatly appreciate working with Cody and hope our paths cross again in the future." Richard B • Property Owner