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Forbes Business Council:  Achieving Win-Win Outcomes Through Trust  

April 25, 20241 min read

by Cody Bjugan| Forbes Council Member

In 2024, customers in every industry are sharper than ever, seeking out companies that echo their values. Building and maintaining a trustworthy brand goes beyond marketing; trust and transparency need to be a core business strategy that guides decision-making.

In my 20+ years as a land developer, there are a handful of principles that have contributed to my company’s success. But, none is more important than achieving win-win outcomes for all stakeholders in every project we undertake. And trust and transparency form the foundation of every win-win outcome.

Challenges To Achieving Win-Win Outcomes

The idea of a win-win outcome, where all parties get what they want and need, seems simple. But there are real challenges to getting everyone involved into alignment.


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Cody Bjugan

Cody Bjugan is a 20 year veteran land developer on projects across the United States. These projects are a result of Cody’s specialized experience in acquisitions and entitlements of OFF-MARKET raw land that has development potential. He excels in negotiation and out-of-the-box problem solving to create win-win real estate transactions. As part of Cody’s legacy, he created VestRight to share his knowledge and make a difference in people’s lives. VestRight is an educational and coaching company dedicated to transforming lives by teaching real estate investors, real estate agents, and other entrepreneurs how to generate truly life-changing wealth through land acquisition deals. Beyond his all-important task of being a husband and father of 3, his mission is to share so that we together can create fulfilling legacies through our purpose and impact.

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